Via Light is a 2.5D stealth game with working dialogue and original scoring. This was an experimental build designed and developed during a summer game development workshop hosted by the Game Development Club at  San Jose State University. Special thanks to James Morgan, Tom Austin, and Cole Pergerson for advising on this project.


Use 'WASD' or arrow keys to move

Press 'Q' to teleport a short distance from the player. You can only teleport a few times.

Press 'E' to interact with certain objects.


Jack Sides: Project Lead

Edward Chang: Lead Programmer

Stephanie Ho: Producer, Additional Art

Nikhita Chandrashekar: Environment Artist, Additional Art

Hao Tran: Environment Artist, Additional Art

Jessica Thang: Environment Artist

Pierina Caligaris: Rigger, Production Assistant

Marijane Vargas: Animator

Jinju Bang: Animator

Noah Sanborn: Animator

Eric Shenefelt: Musician

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