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Taka Taka is a Japanese-folklore-inspired rhythm game. Play as Tengu and Oni, two characters with distinct strengths and weaknesses. Dance between the two note tracks in sync with the music to match the characters with their notes. Mastering Taka Taka is about hitting the right notes, at the right time, with the right characters!

This game was designed for Global Game Jam 2022

W or Up Arrow: Move both characters up one lane

S or Down Arrow: Move both characters down one lane

Spacebar: Swap character lane positions


Taka Taka PC.zip 94 MB


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I'm trash at this, but it's pretty fun so I'm going to keep at it. 

I found a little bug, by the way. For some reason when I try to use the quit button from the title screen it does nothing. Works fine when I quit while playing, though.

Glad you enjoyed our demo!

And thanks for letting us know about the bug, It should now be fixed in the new build.